A Toilet-bound Hanako-kun inspired Tarot deck

A fanmade Tarot deck designed by error and illustrated by gaarachaosqueen / gcq. The deck consists of 78 cards (Major Arcana, the four Minor Arcana and their respective courts), as well as 2 Oracle cards. The cards will be gold gilded and come with their own guide book.
Currently: Creation phase, the guide book!

Major Arcana

The Major Arcana are the most recognizable and impactful cards in any Tarot deck. These 22 cards represent situations faced in the grand scheme of life, each carrying specific messages of perspective and guidance to help in times of need. While the Minor Arcana focus on everyday actions and decisions you must face, the Major Arcana reveal the bigger picture of life and its long-term direction.

Suit of Cups

The suit of Cups is connected to our emotions, our relationships and matters of the soul. When a Cups card comes up in your Tarot reading pay attention to your dreams, your heart and your intuitions. From great joy to immense grief, the Cups reveal how we truly feel - and how others feel about us.

Suit of Pentacles

Cards in the Pentacles suit - sometimes referred to as "Coins" - pertain to things in the material and physical world. Often Pentacles are mistaken as only symbols of wealth and money matters. But in truth, they speak of success and prosperity on all levels - this includes money and career success, but also family, body and health matters.

Suit of Wands

The Tarot suit of Wands - sometimes called Rods, Staves, or Staffs - represents the energy of movement, creativity and invention. Wands energy revolves around ideas, innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit. They are often related to your career or your sense of purpose in the world, but because of their connection to charm and desire, they can deliver strong guidance in love, too.

Suit of Swords

The Swords are associated with conflict and strife - both external and internal. These cards cut to the heart of a matter, revealing challenges such as illness, heartbreak, war, loss and death. But they can also reveal truths we need to face in order to overcome obstacles and move forward, which is ultimately a positive thing.


These Oracle cards are a special addition, similar to the wild cards in a poker deck. Polar opposites, they demonstrate how life choices can alter a person's characteristics. Their meanings compliment the traditional Tarot and may be used with or without the standard 78 card deck. Feel free to use them to add flair to your readings!

The Creators

King of Quills
Insomnia · Pisces · Error 404, Not Found

Entranced by tarot since childhood, the King of Quills always dreamed of creating his own deck. He writes day and night, granting life to his imagination through letters and words.He spends his time locked in his room composing new works. When not governing his Story Kingdom, he can be found with his Golden Retreiver, Hermes, or on his Toilet-bound Hanako-kun Discord server: To the Moon.

Queen of Inks
Innocence · Aquarius · Illustrator of Dreams

The Queen of Inks reigns her Kingdom with exquisite color. Her castle was created line by line, sketched into existence by a spelled pen enchanted to draw forever.Though prefering the sanctuary of art, she is adored by her many followers. Her kind nature is a rarity in this world and like her countless masterpieces, eternally priceless. She can be found under her signature name: gcq, lurking quietly on Twitter.


  • Conception, sketching and planing of the cards.

  • Darwing of the cards.

  • First Pre-Order phase on Ko-Fi.

  • Second Pre-Order phase on Ko-Fi.

  • Guide creation phase, mainly writing and designing the book that goes along with the deck.

Guidebook writing samples

Below can be found sample texts of the writing that will be present in our guidebook. Texts are open for change from the final product.A sort of work in progress page, open for more texts that be added later on.

The Fool

He stood at the edge and stared. Though the void was a hollow, endless black, its song was hypnotic. The promise of escape beckoned from its depths in lullabies, luring tiny feet. One step, two steps, toward jagged floorboards that framed a gaping mouth like wooden teeth.Oblivious to the rising flames he clung to his companion. Limp and threadbare, stuffing bled from torn seams as its weight dragged, offering an unheeded warning. His home would be gone soon. All of it. Consumed by soot and swirling ash until nothing could keep him here.But he would see Amane and Amane would love him. Amane would hold him. Amane would kill him. Because Amane made everything better. The void wasn't as dark when he thought of Amane. The draft that seeped up was cool and inviting, vowing what no other could."Let's go home together." He whispered, and as the thing in his chest gurgled its consent, Tsukasa stepped forward.And jumped.

New beginnings · Innocence · Adventure

Upright: The Fool represents absolute beginnings and infinite potential. It symbolizes curiosity and the first steps on our journey to truth.Sometimes finding answers means we must wander, though be warned, obstacles ahead should be navigated with care. The Fool is so distracted by adventure he fails to regard his own safety. But that's what we love most about the Fool. He isn't plagued by the fears that typically hold us back.Throwing caution to the wind he surrenders to fate, blindly and wholeheartedly. Though oblivious to risks, he's steadfast in his determination to succeed.

Holding Back · Recklessness · Naivety

Reversed: The reversed Fool warns us of limited potential. Fear of the unknown stifles curiosity and our appetite for adventure. During these times we become reckless, cutting corners to reach our destination while sacrificing sights along the way. Never allow fear to speak louder than your dreams.

Wheel of Fortune

Amane recoiled from the scrape of jagged teeth against his wrist. He mut-tered a curse where the gear had bit him, leaning back to retreat the copper maze and rest against his heels. Frustrated, he grabbed a wrench and launched it across the loft, flinching at the sharp, metallic clang. "You don't have time for this." He hissed, reaching for the diagrams scattered across the floor.♪ Tick-tock, tick-tock. Put the key into the lock... ♫Inside his head, Tsukasa's song flared to life. That dumb chant had haunted him the past three days, fumbling around his skull like a broken record. He shrugged a sleeve across his forehead with a sigh, tracing outlines from one page to the next. Center shaft to counter weights. Levers to belts. Mechanism to dial. Cogs were tight and gears were polished, so what was he missing?♪ Past, Future, Present stopped. Can Amane fix the clock? ♫Could he? Of course he could! He just needed more time. Spare Time. The tick-tick ticking of a lifetime. He stifled a laugh that was half deranged and the song continued, echoing through his mind. Could he? Yes. Would he?♪ Tick-tock, tiCK-TOCK. FIX THE CLOCK BEFORE YOU DROP! ♫

Destiny · Cycles of Life · Significant Change

Upright: The Wheel of Fortune symbolizes constant fluctuations that shape our destiny. As the hands of time move forward, the wheel turns, approaching an ever-changing future. Though these changes can be beneficial they aren't always easy. Fortunately for our hardships, passing time heals wounds. Focus on what you want and make the most of time you're given. Even when uncomfortable, the cycles of life are a necessary part of living.

Misfortune · Lack of Control · Challenges Ahead

Reversed: Nothing is permanent in life. This includes challenges we face and the consequences of our decisions. We can't stay at the top forever, so use your time wisely. You never know how much of it is left.
Since this card is associated with karma, don't forget to treat others fairly on your way up, as you may see them again on your way back down.